Resurrection picks up the old, dead thing and treasures what was good there.


I took a literature course about a decade ago and the professor asked the class to define love. My attempt at a definition was love looks into ugliness and sees the beauty that is there. I found the quote above this morning in a book I’m reading and it stuck with me thorough the day. I guess I’ve been thinking about it all day because of a couple of questions. The first question was a tweet asking to describe the book you are reading in three words. The second question is its Easter, now what?
I was reading the bible when I saw the challenge to describe what you’re reading in three words. Three words might be too limiting but with six words I think I can answer all three questions.

Because God lives we should LIVE.


Breaking waves


I’m at orange beach with family. As we were driving in Wednesday night Danielle, my wife, got a call that someone she loves was being taken to the hospital. Hospitals house alot of the critical moments of life, turning points. Life and death, sickness and health reside in those walls.
Later that night I stood at the shoreline where the waves were breaking, waves that have beaten that shore forever. I was standing in another mix of life and death; broken shells and living things. And the waves kept rolling in as they always do. Like the chaos of life always rolls in and out.
I knew God; the same God who in Genesis when darkness was over the surface of the deep, hovered over the waters, was here. The chaotic storms of life batter us violently, relentlessly. Sometimes it feels like it’s too much to bear. 
I look to Jesus. Mark 4-35, when the storm battered the boat, Jesus ordered the storm to be still. Jesus ordered the chaotic.
I put faith in this, when we turn to God, he is greater than the storms of life.